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Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH

Spectral Sensors

MMS, MCS, PGS and CGS Spectral Sensors

Carl Zeiss manufactures a line of miniature Spectrometer modules covering 190-2150nm in combination. The concept behind the MMS, MCS, PGS and CGS families is based on simplifying the opto-mechanical design as well as the number of components to their physical minimum and then use as many of the same parts for the individual versions as possible.

These families are different with regard to their design and parameters but they are all based on the same principle.

The flexible design of the sensors makes it suitable for use in many applications.

The modules are available for the spectral range from 200 up to 2200 nm.

Diffraction Gratings

Many years of experience in the development and manufacture of diffraction gratings make Carl Zeiss for the right address of diffraction optics. The technical basis of production are holographic exposure systems and ultra-high-precision ruling engines which offer multiple possibilities of modification.
The benefits of holographically produced gratings are their high diffraction efficiency, even with high groove frequencies, and their very low straylight. Holographic procedures also allow the generation of asymmetric and symmetric groove profiles. Mechanically ruled Zeiss gratings feature a particularly uniform groove spacing, resulting in low straylight. This ensures that spectrometers display a high detection sensitivity even for low-intensity signals and provide increased measurement accuracy in the visible and infrared ranges.
In addition to our standard line of gratings, we also produce customised gratings, allowing us to meet the critical demands made by quality-conscious users in spectroscopy and laser technology.

Available types of Gratings:

• Mechanically ruled plane gratings for the spectral range from 0.5 nm to 40 µm. Groove frequency 4 to 3000 grooves/mm.
• Holographically produced plane and •concave gratings for the spectral range from 150 nm to 5 µm. Groove frequency 40 to 6400 grooves/mm.
• Diffractive, holographically produced beam-shaping optics (HOE) for laser applications and beam splitter with a fixed and a variable splitting ratio, resonator gratings and collimators for laser diodes

Spectrometer Datasheets:

• MMS UV - 195-390nm

Download (65.79 kB)

• MMS UV/Vis - 190-720nm, 250-780nm

Download (293.48 kB)

• MMS1 - 310-1100nm

Download (121.3 kB)

• MCS Flex - 190-1015nm

Download (235.31 kB)

• PGS Nir 1.7 - 960-1610nm

Download (1.01 MB)

• PGS Nir 2.2 - 1000-2150nm

Download (861.33 kB)

• CGS UV-NIR 190-935nm, 190-1015nm  -NEW! 

Download (1.36 MB)

Spectrometer brochures:

• Spectrometer modules - The Power Team

Download (1.22 MB)

• Spectrometer Modules - Ultimate Power

Download (2.05 MB)

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