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Hellma Group


Hellma is the world's leading manufacturer of cells and optical components for modern analysis. For 91 years, since Hellma GmbH was founded in 1922 in Müllheim, southern Germany, our commitment has been to provide the best possible quality in order to guarantee the most precise analytical results. Welcome to the fine art of precision!

Staying Close to Our Customers Worldwide.

Worldwide distribution, customer support and availability of specialists for technical consulting needs, are guaranteed by 13 subsidiaries spread around the world and by numerous exclusive representatives and companies dealing in laboratory supplies.

Welcome to Hellma USA

Within the USA and Mexico, Hellma USA offers the complete Hellma Analytics and Hellma Optics product lines. In addition, we offer high end and related products from top companies including Heraeus Noblelight, Carl Zeiss MicroImaging and tec5USA. Everything From Light to Byte!

We are extremely excited to be in our 50th Year in business in the USA!

Hellma Optics

Hellma Optics | Focus on Precision

Hellma Optics is Hellma's subsidiary specializing in the manufacturing of cylindrical, toric and plano-optical components. Furthermore, its range of products includes special optics, optical filter glass, polarization optics (retarder plates) and custom made products, including those from various crystals, as well as cells manufactured from various types of optical glass, quartz glass and special materials. Hence, we can manufacture your optical components to superior quality for exacting applications in laser engineering and any other sub-area of photonics and the optical industry. New High-Tech Methods are continuously being developed. In the DUV for example we have developed innovative methods both to process CaF2 and to produce extremely precise optics from monocrystalline optical silicon.

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Optical Sensors from ZEISS Microscopy:

On-line/At-line process control in chemistry, food, pharma, photovoltaic and agriculture. Fiber Optics UV/Vis/NIR diode-array and CCD spectrometer modules, UV/Vis/NIR Optical Sensors for OEMs.

-OEM Miniature Spectrometers MMS/MCS/PGS/CGS modules 190-2200nm
-OEM Diffraction Gratings Masters and Replicas Holographic and Mechanically Ruled

-Analytical Light Sources
-OEM and replacement lamps
-D2, HCL, PID and other types

-Electronics for PDA and CCD devices
-Customized Spectrometer solutions
-Leoni Fiber Optics

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